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3 Reasons Companionship is Essential to Senior Care August 8, 2018

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3 Reasons Companionship is Essential to Senior Care, Freedom, Wisconsin

Companionship is vital to effective senior care. It provides a comprehensive range of mental, emotional, and physical benefits to help your elderly loved one maintain a high quality of life, even if they deal with mobility issues or other limitations. To better understand some of the many reasons to spend time with the older people in your life and provide them with companionship through assisted living services, continue reading.

Top 3 Reasons Companionship Is Important to Senior Care

1. Prevents Loneliness

Loneliness is most prevalent among older people due to factors such as grown children who live far away and deceased spouses and friends. It can contribute to decreased involvement in activities such as volunteering or taking exercise classes, as well as poor mental and physical health. Lonely people may be less likely to take care of themselves physically because of increased depression and isolation. Companionship helps seniors stay positive and maintain their social skills.

2. Promotes Physical Activity

senior careSenior care experts routinely emphasize physical activity among the elderly to avoid—or at least reduce—the many health problems connected to immobility. Whether it’s taking daily walks in the park, participating in a senior swim class, joining a dance group, or doing anything else that gets the elderly person out of the house and moving, it will improve the individual’s quality of life. Not only does physical activity help the person stay limber, but it also floods the brain with endorphins to encourage happy feelings and an improved outlook.

3. Provides Support & Assistance

Friends, family members, and caregivers provide seniors with the emotional boost they need to reach various goals, such as finishing an arts and crafts project or competing in a 1K race. They also offer assistance whenever it is needed, such as medication reminders and administration, meal preparation, and help with errands to promote optimal senior health.


Senior care forms the heart of Country Villa Assisted Living, the retirement home with convenient locations in Freedom and Pulaski, WI. The senior citizen housing facilities combine the beauty of the outdoors with fantastic amenities to keep elderly individuals stimulated, active, and happy. Call the Freedom location at (920) 422-4620 or the Pulaski location at (920) 422-4629 to learn more about this exceptional senior care service, and visit the website to view the photo gallery.

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