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4 Tips to Help Keep Your Garage Cool This Summer August 8, 2018

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4 Tips to Help Keep Your Garage Cool This Summer, Bullhead City, Arizona

Arizona is known for its heat, which can cause exterior areas of the home, such as the garage, to become uncomfortable during certain times of the year. Since many homeowners use these spaces for more than parking their cars, this can create a minor dilemma that might put a halt on hobbies and home improvement projects. The simplest solution is to cool down the garage interior, and the following tips can help.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Garage Cool

1. Install a Small AC Unit 

If the garage has windows, then you can add an air conditioner. Whether you prefer a window-mounted model or a portable one that relies on a window for ventilation, the air circulation these units provide will displace the heat and replenish it with cooler air, creating a comfortable atmosphere for you to work in.

2. Plant Trees & Shrubs Nearby

garage Bullhead City AZTrees and tall shrubs produce shade during the sunniest times of the day. Planting them near the garage will naturally reduce the indoor temperature and prevent the sun from shining directly through the windows. Look for hardy species that tolerate Arizona’s dry, intense heat like chokecherry shrubs, Rocky Mountain maple trees, and scrub oak trees.

3. Add a Layer of Insulation

While insulation is recognized for its ability to retain heat, it’s also useful for preventing cool air from escaping. The layers of material in the walls will reduce the sun’s intensity and allow the garage to remain at a comfortable temperature. Add a layer of weatherstripping along the base of the overhead door to create a tight seal and minimize heat transfer.

4. Plug in a Fan

Sometimes, all you need to reduce the heat is better air circulation. Positioning an industrial fan at one end of the garage or placing a couple of smaller fans throughout the room will move air through the space and prevent it from becoming stale, so you feel cooler. Since fans are easy to move, you can focus the air on the area where you’re working instead of cooling the entire garage, helping you save energy.


If you want to ensure the garage is sufficiently prepared for the heat of summer, then connect with the professionals at River Valley Awning. After more than 30 years of supplying quality outdoor coverings and structures to homeowners throughout Bullhead City, AZ, this locally owned company understands the key to maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. Their solutions come in all shapes and sizes and are made with durable materials that can withstand the heat. Learn more about protecting your garage by calling (928) 763-1800 or visiting their website.

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