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What Do Computer Glasses Do? July 19, 2018

Greece, Monroe
What Do Computer Glasses Do?, Greece, New York

Extensive time spent on a computer can create eye strain, irritation, fatigue, and headaches. Computer eyeglasses contain specialized lenses that mitigate the glare of a computer screen. Eye experts at Reed Eye Associates, serving Rochester, NY, and beyond, share the functions of computer glasses below.

Functions of Computer Glasses

1. Reduce Glare

Computer eyeglasses reduce the glare of the light that comes from inside your device. The lenses have an anti-reflective coating and may also be tinted to increase screen contrast. 

2. Enhance Vision

There are two types of lenses that are used with computer eyeglasses. Single vision lenses can be worn by any age person and do not necessarily correct vision. You can buy single vision glasses with your preferred reader magnification or without magnification.

computer-eyeglasses-reduce-eyestrainProgressive lenses offer correction for near, middle, and distance vision. These are best for those that already have progressive lenses in their regular eyeglasses. You can customize them based on your distance needs for the specific workplace and computer station you spend time in. Eye doctors do not recommend them for driving or other distance tasks.

3. Decrease Eye Strain

Either type of lens will reduce the red and watery eyes, fatigue, irritation, and headaches that are associated with many hours of computer use. With better vision and more comfort for your eyes, posture may be improved, which will decrease back and neck pain. 

If you experience irritated eyes or eye fatigue after using a computer, you will likely benefit from computer eyeglasses. Talk to an optometrist about which type of lens is best for you. They may require a basic eye exam and measurements of your workstation such as the distance from your chair to the computer. Reed Eye Associates have locations in New York and New Jersey and offer professional optometry services such as preventive eye care, contacts and eyeglasses, and glaucoma treatment. Call (585) 723-6070 in Rochester for an appointment or visit the website for a full list of locations, contact information, and services.

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