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You won't believe what you are breathing! May 18, 2015

Cheviot, Cheviot
You won't believe what you are breathing!, Cheviot, Ohio

Have you ever broke your vacuum cleaner bag as you were disposing it? This should provide an accurate picture of what type of air the typical homeowner is breathing in their homes.

Every homes duct work leaks! Every time your furnace runs more and more things are sucked into your ductwork. Things like dust, pet hair, cooking grease, cigarette smoke, and other debris that will stay in your ductwork – until they eventually break down and are released back into the air stream for you and your family to breathe.

“Most homeowners simply have no idea of how much dust, dirt, and debris the duct system harbors, according to Doug Beiser, VP of Sales, for Hader Aeroseal Solutions. Since the air ducts are out of sight they are often out of mind". As a reminder, about 50 percent of household dust is from dead skins cells which we constantly are shedding.

Sealing your duct work utilizing the Aeroseal process not only improves indoor air quality by reducing dust and allergens, but can make you more comfortable in your home by reducing hot and cold spots, rooms, and floors in your house.

We recommend sealing your ductwork before you purchase a new heating and cooling system, clean you duct work every 3-5 years, and have a good air filter and change it according to manufactures recommendations. The combination will help reduce household dust and keep the system running efficiently. Call us at 513-661-1910 for more information!