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4 Essential Maintenance Checks for Tractor Tires July 19, 2018

Livonia, Livingston
4 Essential Maintenance Checks for Tractor Tires, Livonia, New York

Your tractor tires work hard for you during warm weather months. Fortunately, you can start every growing period with a maintenance check and inspect the tires throughout the season to prevent blowouts among other problems that affect your productivity and revenue stream. Use this tire tractor checklist to keep yours in great condition all season:

Top 4 Tire Tractor Maintenance Tips

1. Check the Pressure

Ensure your tires are neither over or underinflated. Overinflated tires spin excessively, while underinflated tires touch the road/ground too much. Both issues cause premature wear because tires are more likely to overheat and sustain blowouts. Proper inflation lowers fuel consumption, reduces soil compaction, and produces 25% more pull than overinflated tires to decrease work time.

2. Look for Sidewall Damage

tractor tiresObserve tractor tires for cracks in the sidewall that can occur from exposure to fluctuating temperatures or driving without the correct inflation. Cracks can also occur if your tires lose elasticity due to the presence of anti-aging compounds. Some models feature these compounds that react poorly to elemental exposure. Other sidewall damage to look for includes chips and punctures.

3. Test Tread Depth

Drive your tractor to see if the tires have lost traction, as the penny test does not work on industrial versions with deeper tread depths. You will notice wheel slipping and a general reduction in performance if the tire tractors are going bald. 

4. Check for Leaks & Rust

Determine if calcium leaks are present in the valve steam by checking for rust. Liquid calcium turns to rust as soon as it hits the air, which usually means the tractor tire tube is failing and needs replacing. It could also indicate the need for rim repair.


Enjoy productive work days with high-quality tractor tires from Briggs Tire Service. The wheel and tire center has proudly served clients in Livonia, NY, as well as Ontario, Livingston, Genesee, and Monroe counties for nearly 40 years thanks to affordable pricing, durable products, and outstanding service. Call (585) 346-3041 to schedule an estimate or visit the company online for more information about new and used tires. Like the Facebook page for the latest tips and deals.

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