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How to Choose the Right Sump Pump for You July 19, 2018

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How to Choose the Right Sump Pump for You, Ontario, New York

A "sump" is a moisture collection basin used to prevent flooding and dampness in basements where the water table is higher than the home's foundation. The sump pump empties water from the sump and discharges it away from the home. There are three basic types of sump pumps, and this guide from John Lockwood Plumbing in Ontario, NY will help you choose the right type for your situation.

Which Type of Sump Pump Is Right for You?

Primary Type

sump pumpThe primary style is found in basements throughout the country. It prevents flooding by removing thousands of gallons of water per hour. Primary sump pumps come in two form factors: submersible or pedestal. Submersible types are mounted within the pump basin and operate below the water surface. On pedestal types, the base is submerged, but the motor remains above the surface. This makes pedestal pumps the appropriate choice for smaller sump basins.

Battery Backup

Traditional sump pumps are hardwired into the home's AC electrical service. However, this renders them ineffective during a power outage. A battery backup unit features a secondary DC power source that turns on in case of a blackout. It also acts as a backup should the primary equipment fail for any reason. Choose this style if you already have a primary unit and want the security of a backup.

Combination Style

A combination style unit combines the capabilities of the primary and battery backup styles. It features two separate pumps. The first operates as normal; the second kicks on in case of pump or electrical failure or if the first unit cannot keep up with water entering the sump basin. This style is right for you if you want the security of multiple units but the simplicity of a single installation.

This guide should help you choose the right sump pump for your home when it comes time to decide. For help with installation, contact John Lockwood Plumbing, the most trusted plumbing repair service in Ontario, NY.  They've been serving the Upstate region for over 40 years and offer fast, reliable work. Visit their website to learn more about the services they offer or call (585) 265-0736 to discuss your sump pump needs with a skilled professional.

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