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How Do Dogs Get Fleas? August 3, 2018

Dothan, Houston
How Do Dogs Get Fleas?, Dothan, Alabama

Most dog owners will do anything for their pets, and when they become unhealthy, it’s easy to feel distressed. While common, a flea infestation is never easy—both for pups and the people who take care of them. According to the flea control experts at Tabor Pest Control of Dothan, AL, there are a number of ways your canine companion can pick up these critters. To avoid them, watch out for the following hot spots.

3 Ways Your Dog Can Get Fleas

1. Other Animals

Most dogs attract a species-specific flea, known as Ctenocephalides canis. However, fleas that prefer cats, feral animals, and rodents aren’t averse to making a home in your dog’s coat. In fact, these insects are infamous for their jumping abilities; they can travel up to 100 times their body length, and up to two feet high. Therefore, if you bring your pup to a dog park, board them at a facility, or simply take them on a walk, it’s easy for fleas to climb aboard.

2. People

flea controlOnce a pet has fleas, they can easily latch onto the skin and belongings of the animal’s owners. If you meet a friend for coffee and bring Fido along, your pup might indirectly pick up fleas from your friend’s pet. To prevent this, avoid meeting anyone with an infested home before they’ve worked with a professional flea control company.

3. Plants

The warm, moist air of the summertime is friendly to fleas, so they might linger outside even if they aren’t feeding off of animals. In some cases, flea control pros warn they may be living on plants in parks, forests, or even in your front yard. If your dog happens to brush up against the right plant, they’ll bring a newly minted flea colony right into your home.

If your companion has brought these pesky insects inside, end everyone’s suffering by contacting Tabor Pest Control today. They cater to commercial, industrial, and residential clients, and they have experience eliminating everything from termites to rodents. For more information on their flea control services, call (334) 793-7471 or visit the website.

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