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A Grief Counseling Team Offers the Top 5 Gift Suggestions July 18, 2018

A Grief Counseling Team Offers the Top 5 Gift Suggestions, Center, Indiana

The grief that comes with losing a loved one is different for everyone, but there are always some parallels during the mourning process. If you’ve been through similar sorrow and want to show a friend that you know how they’re feeling, you can make a meaningful gesture just by giving them a gift. Here, the grief counseling experts at Shirley Brothers Mortuaries & Crematory suggest five excellent choices for those who are healing.

5 Gift Suggestions for a Grieving Friend

1. Spa Certificate

When you’re caught in the grieving process, it can be impossible to find time for self-care or get out of the house at all. Encourage your loved one to do both by gifting them a spa certificate. Whether they get a massage, a facial, or a pedicure, they can take time to release mental pain along with physical tension.

2. Bath Products

If your loved one is not the spa-going type, or if you’re on a bit of a budget, you can still make a sweet gesture. Purchase a bottle of calming soap or a fizzy bath bomb, and write a little note to remind your friend they deserve time to relax and find their center.

3. Book of Poems

grief counselingIs your friend more of the introspective or creative type? They might find healing from a book of loss-related poems. Sometimes, knowing that someone else has been through the death of a loved one and made something beautiful out of the experience is a healing force in itself.

4. A Low-Maintenance Plant

After the loss of a beautiful life, a potted plant can serve as a symbol of rebirth and progress. Plus, if it’s easy to take care of, it won’t add stress to this hectic time in your friend’s life. Include a note with the plant mentioning that when you felt most alone, it was nice to have something to take care of.

5. Home Cleaning Service

If your friend is working long hours to make up for funeral costs, too upset to get out of bed, or consumed by settling their loved one’s estate and participating in grief counseling, they may not get around to cleaning the house. By paying someone else to take over this task, you’ll lift a considerable weight from your friend’s shoulders.

Looking for more tips on how to help someone get through the loss of a loved one? Contact Shirley Brothers Mortuaries & Crematory today for guidance on what happens after death. They are proud to offer 24/7 grief counseling in addition to crematory and funeral planning services. Call them anytime at (317) 897-9606 or visit the website for more information.

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