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3 Reasons to Buy Used Cars August 13, 2018

Richmond Hill, Queens
3 Reasons to Buy Used Cars, Queens, New York

If you’re in the market for a car, one of the first choices you’ll face is between new and used cars. While it can be tempting to buy new, pre-owned cars offer a number of benefits for the savvy buyer. Read on to learn why buying used is the smartest choice for most car owners.

Why Buy Used

1. Spend Less Money

Used CarsCars depreciate significantly when they’re first purchased, losing value the second they leave the lot. By buying used, you can take advantage of this price difference and buy a much higher-quality vehicle than you could otherwise afford. If you’re considering luxury models and manufacturers, buying used ensures you’ll get the most car for your money. If you have a more modest purchase in mind, buying used is definitely the most budget-friendly option.

2. Great Quality & Condition

The price difference between new and used cars is not reflected in their quality and performance. You can easily find cars that are virtually identical to current models, with the same specs and features. While some pre-owned vehicles have seen damage that could affect their lifespan, you can weed out the duds by looking up the vehicle history report, ensuring the car you choose is in top condition.

3. Cheaper Insurance & Fees

Your savings will continue when you insure your new car. Because pre-owned vehicles are cheaper and easier to replace, insurance companies charge much lower rates to cover them. You may also find registration fees and taxes are lower on used cars.


For quality pre-owned cars in the Tri-State Area, visit Queens Auto Mall in Richmond Hill, NY. This reputable used car dealer offers a wide selection of makes and models including luxury vehicles in like-new condition. For questions, call them today at (718) 523-9090 or contact them online.

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