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A Step-by-Step Guide to Eliminating Stains From Down Bedding August 10, 2018

Mason, Warren
A Step-by-Step Guide to Eliminating Stains From Down Bedding, Mason, Ohio

Down bedding can bring you years of restful nights and comfort. But when you have children, pets, or clumsy hands, messes are inevitable. Home washers aren’t ideal for most down comforters, and you’ll need to treat those stains quickly if you want linens back to a spotless state. The following guide will help you achieve complete stain removal without damaging your comforter.

How to Get Rid of Stains on Down Bedding

1. Pretreat the Area

Whether it’s spilled wine, ink, blood, or food, your stain has a couple of layers that need to be taken care of separately. First, you’re going to get rid of the oily top layer. Find a clear, colorless detergent to rub on the stain. Let it sit for a little over 10 minutes to solubilize the spill, then rinse with warm water. You should already notice the spot starting to fade.

2. Treat With Bleach Gel

Next, you’re ready to deal with the remainder of the stain. Get a bleach gel, which is more mild than regular bleach and won’t damage your down bedding. After you apply the gel, allow it to sit for one minute only. Any longer could leave you with a permanent yellow stain. Rinse the gel away and let it dry.

3. Repeat as Necessary

After your down bedding has fully dried, check your progress. Residual stains may not show up while the fabric is still wet. If you note any marks or spots remaining, use the bleach gel again, taking care not to leave it on for too long. Repeat step two as necessary until the stain has vanished completely.

4. Give It a Wash

down beddingIt’s time to put your down bedding through the wash. This will remove any remaining detergent, gel, or stain residue that was left over from pretreatment. Additionally, unless you have a large, front-loading machine, you’ll probably want to bring comforters to a laundromat. Use your laundry detergent of choice for a thorough clean.

5. Dry It 

To get your down bedding back to its perfectly soft state, tumble dry it in a large-capacity dryer on medium heat. Toss in a few socks stuffed with tennis balls to really fluff up the down. Alternatively, you can hang-dry, but be sure the forecast is clear. Air drying will take a very long time. Once it’s all dry, your bedding will be good as new!


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