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4 Tools Every Gardener Needs July 18, 2018

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4 Tools Every Gardener Needs, Northfield Center, Ohio

Whether you plan to put your house on the market or want to invest more time in home upkeep, tending to the garden can boost the curb appeal and value of your property. According to the professionals at Nordonia Landscape Supplies, offering one of the largest selections of landscape supplies in Northfield, OH, every gardener should have a few basic tools. This way, they will be prepared for a variety of gardening duties. Below, are four items to add to the list of landscape supplies you’ll need. 

4 Tools You’ll Use in the Garden 

1. Gardening Gloves

If you have cuts or scrapes on your hands, wear gloves while gardening. Otherwise, bandages could easily fall off while working in the soil. If this happens, dirt could get into open wounds and cause infections. Wearing gardening gloves will also prevent injury, as you won’t have to worry about pricking hands or wrists on thorny vegetation. Rubber gardening gloves will repel moisture, while cotton varieties are lightweight and breathable. Make sure gloves have a durable grip to keep from dropping equipment.  

2. Long-Handled Shovel

From moving loose gravel to laying compost, a long-handled shovel will come in handy for chores in the garden. Digging shovels have upturned edges to make it easier to break apart and carry softer soil, while scoop shovels are best at moving large rocks or stones in the garden. 

3. Hand Trowel

landscape-suppliesIt can be tough to maneuver tight areas in the garden with a long-handled shovel, which is why you should add a hand trowel to your landscape supplies shopping list. The tool resembles a miniature shovel, with a handle that fits comfortably in the hand. It is often used to pull weeds from the earth and dig small holes to plant flower bulbs and vegetable seeds. 

4. Hoe

Hoes are hand tools that look like shovels, except the blade is often sharp and positioned at a 90-degree angle to resemble an “L” shape. They can serve several functions in a garden but are often used for weed control. The sharp edge can cut into the earth to pull weeds from the soil at the root. 

If you need mulch, topsoil, or advice on what landscape materials to get to keep the plants in your garden healthy, contact Nordonia Landscape Supplies. The staff will help you navigate the selection of high-quality products to find the best solutions for your needs. To learn more about landscape supplies available in Summit County, call (330) 467-7258, or visit the company’s website to browse their complete inventory and order online. Like them on Facebook to see pictures of the merchandise. 

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