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The Top 3 Home Safety Tips for Seniors July 24, 2018

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The Top 3 Home Safety Tips for Seniors, Spencerport, New York

Most seniors prefer to stay in their own homes as long as they possibly can. However, many residences have hazards that may increase the risk of injury and make independent living more difficult. To help you or your loved one stay safe and independent, Nationwide Insurance: Jan Parisi Agency, a premier seller of home, life, long term care, and auto insurance in Spencerport, NY, offers some home safety and mobility tips below.

Insurance Agent’s Tips to Make Senior Homes Safer

1. Bath & Kitchen Modifications

insurance in Spencerport, NYMany accidents involving seniors occur in the bath or shower. To make personal care safer, replace the tub with a barrier-free, roll-in shower. It's also helpful to install a handheld showerhead, comfortable shower seat, and grab bars. These modifications prevent slip-and-fall injuries. People with arthritis or reduced grip strength may also benefit from replacing door knobs and ball faucet handles with levers, which are easier to grasp.

2. Flooring Modifications

Wood or vinyl flooring is often much easier to negotiate for seniors who use a cane or a wheeled support device. However, these surfaces can be slippery. Furthermore, thresholds between rooms with a flooring change—such as from a hard surface to carpeting—can cause people to trip. If possible, install consistent, non-slip flooring throughout the home.

3. Entry Stairs

For adults who rely on a walker, wheelchair, or other mobility devices, it can be difficult or dangerous to negotiate stairs. If it's feasible, install a ramp to the front door. Otherwise, a sturdy handrail should make ascending the steps safer. Also, remove swing-out screen doors or replace them with sliding screens to simplify entry to the house.

The home safety tips above will help seniors stay safe and may even lead to discounts on homeowners insurance premiums. For more ways to protect yourself against misfortune, contact Nationwide Insurance: Jan Parisi Agency in Spencerport, NY. Ms. Parisi has over 30 years of industry experience and also specializes in home, farm, business, and auto insurance. Call (585) 349-3592 to speak with a knowledgeable agent or visit their website to request an insurance quote.

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