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3 Occasions When Pizza Is the Perfect Choice August 6, 2018

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3 Occasions When Pizza Is the Perfect Choice, Jackson, New Jersey

If you’re thinking about food options for an upcoming event, ask yourself one question: why not pizza? Virtually everyone loves this classic dish, which works for both formal occasions and just hanging out with your closest friends. Well-known throughout Jackson, NJ, for their tasty Italian cuisine, Inzillo's Pizza recommends ordering a few pies for the following occasions.

3 Events That Call for Pizza

1. Wedding Receptions

Pizza at a wedding reception? While it seems like a strange choice, serving pies to your guests is actually quite popular these days. While not everyone will enjoy fancy entrees (especially if there are kids in attendance), pizza is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Ordering some pies is also a great way to cut costs. Caterers can charge as much as $75 a plate, which can greatly increase costs when you have a lot of guests coming.

2. The Big Game

PizzaWhy slave over a hot stove all day when you can let your local pizza shop do the hard work? Pizza and sports go hand-in-hand, especially when you’re enjoying a refreshing beer. For maximum convenience, schedule a delivery, which will allow you and your friends to enjoy the big game in the comfort of your own home.

3. Birthday Parties

Pizza is also a great option for birthday parties. This is a good choice for people of all ages, from young kids to adults. You also have a lot of choices in terms of toppings; you can select from a variety of types to ensure everyone has something they will enjoy. Additionally, pizza works well for both large and small parties. All you need to do is adjust your order, and you’re all set.

Are you feeling hungry? If so, Inzillo's Pizza is just a call away. Order some of the best pizza Jackson, NJ, has to offer by calling (732) 370-0310 today. You can also check out their menu online, which includes wraps, appetizers, and so much more.

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