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4 Gingivitis Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore August 8, 2018

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4 Gingivitis Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore , High Point, North Carolina

Gum disease—a chronic infection of the gum tissue—is a common oral health problem estimated to affect almost half of adults over the age of 30. When left untreated, this condition can lead to severe gum damage, tooth loss, and infections that spread elsewhere in the body. Fortunately, this disease doesn’t happen overnight. When caught in its early stages—a condition known as gingivitis—this infection can be prevented and reversed. To help keep your mouth healthy, here are a few signs you should talk to a dentist.

4 Gingivitis Symptoms to Discuss With a Dentist 

1. Swollen Gums

Swelling is an immune system response that occurs when the body is trying to fight off an infection. As such, when the gums are trying to neutralize oral bacteria, they become swollen. As this progresses, the tissue may turn a deep red color, appears puffy, or become tender to the touch.

2. Bad Breath

gingivitisIn some cases, bad breath is simply due to dry mouth or something you ate. But if the odor doesn’t fade when you brush your teeth or rinse with mouthwash, the smell could be coming from oral bacteria buildup within the mouth.

3. Bleeding Gums

If your gums bleed on a regular basis, gingivitis may be to blame. As gingivitis causes swelling and sensitivity to increase, gum tissue also becomes more susceptible to injury. Specifically, brushing and flossing may cause small tears that lead to bleeding.

4. Receding Gums

Over time, oral bacteria will start to eat away at bone and tissues—including that of the gums. As a result, people with untreated gingivitis often develop receding gums. Your gums may be receding if tooth enamel appears larger or becomes more noticeable. In some cases, this recession may also expose nerves that are sensitive to hot, cold, or sugary foods and drinks.


If you notice any of these warning signs, turn to the dentists at High Point Smile Dentistry. Providing restorative dental services in North Carolina, this team is qualified to identify, treat, and prevent gingivitis. Backed with advanced dental tools, these providers are also recognized for making treatments as comfortable, complete, and cost-effective as possible. Visit them online to learn more about how they will protect your gum health, and call (336) 884-4000 to schedule an appointment today.

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