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Dos & Don'ts of Selecting & Caring for Dorm Room Bedding August 3, 2018

Mason, Warren
Dos & Don'ts of Selecting & Caring for Dorm Room Bedding , Mason, Ohio

From comforters to mattress pads, selecting the right bedding for your dorm room is vital. So is caring for it when you do find the perfect bedroom set. As a college student, you may not have too much experience when it comes to sheets and comforters. That's why you'll enjoy this insightful list of what to and not to do.


Buy the right size. 

If you’ve never lived in a dorm before, you might not know what size bed you’ll have. Most college dorms have long, twin-sized beds, so buy sheets and a comforter to match. It never hurts to double check the size before moving in, though.

Get bedding with natural fibers. 

Bedding made out of cotton or polyester is much more comfortable. That’s because sheets made from natural fibers offer increased air flow. This is particularly beneficial in a cramped dorm room.

Follow cleaning directions on the label.

comforterYou might think you’ll save time by washing your bedding with other clothes in hot water, but you might wind up shrinking it. Before washing your dorm room sheets and comforter, read the labeling carefully. Always follow the washing and drying instructions suggested by the manufacturer.


Forget to iron bed linens. 

Even after throwing your bedding in the dryer, iron your sheets and pillowcases. This makes it easier to fold and store, as well as reduces wrinkles when you place it on your bed. It also kills lingering germs, like dust mites and other bacteria.

Buy white bedding. 

College dorms are often cramped, so beds act as default seating. This means they're more likely to receive stains, so avoid white bed linens at all costs. Darker bedding helps hide spills and marks, which are almost inevitable in dorm rooms.

Forget to change bedding each week. 

During college you’ll be busy keeping up with school work and social obligations. But don’t forget to change your sheets and pillowcases each week. Reducing the dust and dirt that finds its way into your bedspread will help you sleep more comfortably. 


The right bedding for your dorm room will keep you comfy and warm during your college career. Contact DOWNLITE to learn more about selecting the best bed linens. They specialize in high-quality down bedding, comforters, and pillows. Call today at (866) 931-3696 to learn more about their line of hotel bedding for commercial clients. You can also visit them online for a closer look at their inventory.