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Why You May Require Septic Troubleshooting After a Heavy Rain July 18, 2018

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Why You May Require Septic Troubleshooting After a Heavy Rain, Kerrville, Texas

Heavy rain can present a problem for septic tanks. From flooding to backflow, these sudden summer storms tend to wreak havoc on various levels of the system and could leave you in need of septic troubleshooting. Discover how the elements can create an issue within the septic tank and what steps can be taken to prevent future incidents.

Why Rain May Require Septic Troubleshooting

septic troubleshootingA septic system’s drain field ensures the tank maintains a steady amount of water, allowing it to perform the necessary filtration and keep contaminants from getting into the environment. Heavy rains can cause the drain field to flood, which could prevent the water from flowing out of the tank when it reaches a certain height. As the water level continues to rise, it creates a major backflow within the system that will eventually make its way into the drains of your home.

Scheduling a septic troubleshooting appointment shortly after a heavy rain storm is one of the best ways to prevent the issues from getting worse. It allows professionals to determine the extent of the damage so that they can implement the proper measures, whether it be emptying the drain field or repairing the septic tank. This will ensure that there is no further damage and will get the system up and functioning in record time.

What You Can Do to Protect the System From Heavy Rain

The first step to prevent the septic system from the effects of heavy rain is to reduce the amount of water that’s used while the rain is coming down so you don’t overload the system. Save the dishes for later and wait until the storm is over before taking a shower.

Next, ensure that only toilet paper is flushed down the drain. Other materials, such as paper towels, tissues and napkins, don’t deteriorate fast enough and will create a clog in the system that will cause it to flood. Finally, schedule regular septic cleanings with your local professionals. This will ensure that the tank is sufficiently cleaned out and provide the assurance that everything is in top condition.


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