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HVAC Contractors Share 4 Tips for Lowering Your Summer Electric Bill July 30, 2018

Springfield, Erie
HVAC Contractors Share 4 Tips for Lowering Your Summer Electric Bill, Springfield, Pennsylvania

The summer sunshine brings days filled with fun—and heat that will drive up your electric bill. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with breaking your budget to beat the heat. The HVAC contractors at Adams Heating & Cooling, serving all of Erie County, PA, have a few suggestions to help reduce energy costs and stay cool this summer.  

4 Summer Electric-Saving Tips

1. Close Your Curtains

Close your curtains or blinds throughout the day until the early evening, especially on the side of the house that gets the most direct sunlight. Light-blocking curtains will provide extra protection and even keep the heat in during the winter, too.  

2. Change Your Air Filter

HVAC contractorA clogged air filter will reduce your HVAC system’s efficiency by slowing down the flow of air, causing your system to burn energy as it tries to cool your home. Change your filter every two to three months or as recommended by your HVAC contractor.

3. Use Ceiling Fans

Running your ceiling fans costs only a few cents per hour. Use them in conjunction with your air conditioning to save money. For maximum money savings, only run the ceiling fan in the room you’re in and turn it off when you leave. You’ll be able to keep your home temperature higher and stay comfortable.  

4. Get a Programmable Thermostat

Do not pay to cool your house when you aren’t there. Invest in a programmable smart thermostat and take the time to program it to raise the temperature when you aren’t home. You can even keep the air conditioner turned on low when you aren’t there and set it to a cooler temperature before you come home, so the house feels cool when you arrive.

You can enjoy your summer and stay cool without the crunch of high electric bills by making these changes. The home energy experts at Adams Heating & Cooling are your partners in energy-efficient comfort. Call (814) 922-7786 or send a message online to schedule maintenance and repairs or speak with an HVAC contractor about your home’s system.