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3 Reasons Not to Install a Sprinkler System on Your Own July 11, 2018

Antelope Park, Lincoln
3 Reasons Not to Install a Sprinkler System on Your Own, Lincoln, Nebraska

Installing a sprinkler system may sound simple, but it’s not just placing water lines and sprinkler heads. There are several crucial factors to consider behind the scenes. It’s because of these factors that hiring professionals to install irrigation systems is essential. To help you understand why this isn’t a project to do yourself, the Whittemore Sprinkler Company experts in Lincoln, NE, explain those factors.

Why Professional Sprinkler System Installation is Crucial

1. Protect Your Water Supply

Working with any type of water supply becomes a safety issue for your family — even if it’s just the lawn sprinklers. Backflow can still occur in an irrigation system, which would move contaminated water from your irrigation pipes to your drinking water supply. A professional knows how to set up the system for safe usage, such as by installing backflow prevention devices in all the right places.  

2. Prevent Sprinkler Head Damage

sprinkler systemThere are several factors that go into protecting your sprinkler heads over the years, and a professional knows what cautionary steps to take. For example, the irrigation line will need to be flushed after installation and before the sprinkler heads are connected so that the system won’t experience blockages from dirt and other debris. They will also install the sprinkler heads at a height where they can rest out of harm’s way from mowers, running children, and other threats.

3. Dig Safely

Digging in your yard is dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You must know where all the underground lines are — such as gas lines, sewer lines, and electric cables. A professional is aware of all the things that could go wrong and knows how to work in your yard safely without damaging your property.

The team at Whittemore Sprinkler Company has the experience and top-of-the-line equipment to handle your sprinkler installation properly. They will get the job done quickly with minimal disturbance to your yard and for the best possible longevity. Their family-owned and -operated company has been in business for almost 60 years. Contact them at (402) 476-8552 to talk about your sprinkler system installation.

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