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3 Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian July 31, 2018

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3 Questions to Ask Your Veterinarian, Waynesboro, Virginia

Building a relationship with your veterinarian is essential to your pet’s health. By speaking with them regularly, you can be confident furry friends have everything they need. Below are a few questions you should ask to keep an open dialogue with these professionals. 

What Pet Owners Should Ask Their Veterinarian

1. How Can I Manage My Pet’s Health?

veterinarian-woodworth-animal-hospitalYour pet needs a proper exercise routine and healthy diet just like you do. There are different ways to achieve this, and you should discuss options with your veterinarian. Some pets benefit from brief playtime or a walk, while others may need more extensive exercise each day. They may also have different dietary needs, so discuss the best care plan.

2. What Should I Feed Them?

Food plays a major role in your pet’s health. Establish a diet that provides all the vitamins and minerals they need and that’s also easy on their gastrointestinal system. If you plan on changing your pet’s diet, speak with a veterinarian before doing so. They’ll do a wellness check to see if your pet needs anything specific and can offer brand recommendations. 

3. Are Strange Behaviors Normal?

Pet’s are extremely complex and may exhibit peculiar behaviors for specific reasons or no reason at all. If you begin to notice strange activity, such as crying, itching outdoors, or strange emotional reactions to specific stimuli, take note and share the information with your veterinarian. They can advise if these actions are a cause for concern or simply your pet’s harmless way of expressing themselves and interacting with the world.


Woodworth Animal Hospital proudly serves pets and their owners throughout Waynesboro, VA. With over 78 years of experience, their veterinary team has the expertise needed to not only treat cats and dogs, but also reptiles, birds, and other small animals. They believe pet owners should build a relationship with their veterinarian and will work with you to ensure you’re doing everything to keep your pet healthy at home. You’ll also find a variety of services at their veterinary hospital, including pet boarding, wellness care, surgical procedures, and reproductive assistance. Call (540) 942-5163 today to schedule a consultation and visit their website and Facebook page to learn more.

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