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Buying a Home With a Water Well? 3 Reasons to Test Water Quality July 18, 2018

Highland Heights, Newport-Fort Thomas
Buying a Home With a Water Well? 3 Reasons to Test Water Quality, Newport-Fort Thomas, Kentucky

If you’re planning to buy a rural home that draws its water supply from a residential well rather than a municipal source, there are extra considerations to keep in mind. Before you can close on the property, the team at Prior To Purchase Inspection Services in Highland Heights, KY, recommends scheduling a schedule a water quality inspection. Below, they discuss how testing the water will prevent problems later down the road.

3 Reasons to Have a Water Quality Inspection Before Buying a Home

1. Lead

Water inspections test for traces of lead, which are often an indicator that the property has old or corroded water pipes. Lead is a dangerous contaminant that can lead to a variety of serious health problems like kidney issues and nervous system damage. If it is found, you would need to replace the pipes, which can be expensive. 

2. Volatile Organic Chemicals

water quality inspectionVolatile organic chemicals are carbon-containing compounds that are found in fuel oils, gasoline, and solvents. They can contaminate a well’s water supply when traveling from nearby oil tanks. If contamination is confirmed, then a new well would have to be built. 

3. Radon

Radon is a tasteless and odorless radioactive gas that causes lung cancer. It can dissolve and accumulate in underground water. If the residential well tests for high levels of radon contamination, this is an issue that would have to be dealt with before closing on a home. However, removing radon from your water supply could cost thousands of dollars.

Scheduling a home assessment that includes water quality inspection will ensure that you don’t take any risks on your new home. Prior To Purchase Inspection Services in Highland Heights, KY, offers comprehensive and thorough home inspections to protect you from risk. This includes checking for problems such as mold, radon, and pest infestations. Call (859) 802-8561 to schedule a home inspection or visit their website for more information about their services throughout Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area. 

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