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How to Determine When It’s Time for Air Compressor Service July 31, 2018

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How to Determine When It’s Time for Air Compressor Service, Maryland Heights, Missouri

Whether it’s in a car mechanic shop or supplying power for drills and paint spray guns, air compressors have a variety of uses. While the device is designed for long-term durability, its usage depends on regular maintenance. Parts Engineering Company in Maryland Heights, MO, specializes in supplying the essential components to ensure equipment is in top condition. Below, this locally owned air compressor and replacement parts distributor shares a helpful guide on identifying when the time is right to schedule a compressor service.

How to Know When Compressor Service Is Needed

The Compressor’s Complexity

Depending on the air compressor’s configuration, regular service may be needed. Compressors with rotary screws and those that use synthetic or petroleum-based oil will likely require more scheduled servicing to maintain their intricate components. Over time, neglect can cause the devices to malfunction or completely shut down. A compressor service provider or supplier can provide specific information on when to schedule inspections.

Fluid Changes

compressor serviceAnother factor for determining service involves the device’s fluids. Some compressors can go for thousands of hours of usage before the fluid needs changing. Others may require more frequent fluid changes. Compressors vary across the spectrum, and the frequency of use is linked to fluid condition. It’s best to check with the manufacturer’s manual for recommended intervals for new fluid. If the information is not available, consult a compressor service supplier to pinpoint the number of hours of usage before the old fluid is no longer usable.

Unusual Noises

If the compressor starts to make loud noises, it may be due for service. Pay special attention to rattling sounds. There could be a loose component within the motor. When the device is used for long periods, clanking noises are another warning sign. Any inconsistent noise patterns need to be addressed to avoid permanent damage.

Parts Engineering Company (PECO) is a St. Louis, MO-based distributor of top-quality air compressors, replacement compressor parts, compressor lubricant, air filters, and air oil separators. PECO has an extensive inventory of compressor parts for a variety of makes and models. Count on finding what you need from all of the industry’s major and original equipment manufacturers. If you’re unsure about whether your equipment is due for compressor service, call (877) 797-7326 and a friendly representative will gladly provide guidance. Visit their website to shop online for compressor parts, compressor lubricants, and to search for components by specific manufacturers.

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