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How Long Does a Collision Repair Take? July 17, 2018

Roselawn, Cincinnati
How Long Does a Collision Repair Take?, Cincinnati, Ohio

The overwhelming feeling after an accident can become exacerbated when you consider how long you’ll have to be without your car. The good news is that the feeling will subside once you locate a trustworthy body shop that details the length of time it takes to perform a collision repair. Below is an explanation of how long a collision repair can take along with what factors influence the timeline.

How Long Will It Take to Perform a Collision Repair?

How Is the Repair Timeline Determined?

collision repairThe length of time your vehicle remains at the body shop depends on several factors. A vehicle involved in a minor fender bender will likely spend much less time at the shop than one that was in a multi-car, high-speed accident. Additionally, the more experience and thorough training the auto body team has, the faster they can make the repairs. They know exactly which parts need to be replaced as well as which technique is fastest. The availability of parts is another factor that determines the timeline. Some auto body shops receive shipments from parts manufacturers often, and either have the necessary part already on-site or have it arriving shortly.

Can I Estimate How Long the Repair Will Take?

Yes, more common repairs have a general timeline. For example, a windshield replacement or a bumper repair or replacement can take as little as one day. Even small fixes to your vehicle’s body can take only one or two days. Other repairs, such as the replacement of components inside the vehicle, can take between one and two weeks. However, if many parts need to be replaced, your car may be in the shop for more than a month, depending on the labor process and the waiting time for parts to arrive.

What Could Cause a Collision Repair to Take Longer Than Expected?

Several factors could extend the predetermined collision repair timeline. For example, a repair specialist may need to take some days off. Also, there are instances when the repairs seemed to be on the surface, but when the specialist removes parts, they find further damage that requires more time to repair. There might also be a delay with the payment from your car insurance company to the auto body shop. Call before picking up your vehicle to make sure the collision repair process hasn’t been delayed.


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