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The Top 5 Benefits of Using Bioheat® July 27, 2018

West Haven, New Haven County
The Top 5 Benefits of Using Bioheat®, West Haven, Connecticut

Bioheat® is a mixture of petroleum-based heating oil and plant-based biodiesel, a fuel made out of various types of recycled vegetable oil. Bioheat can be used to heat boilers and furnaces and offers several benefits over traditional heating oil. Apple Oil, a residential oil delivery service in West Haven, CT, discusses these advantages below. 

5 Advantages of Bioheat

1. Lower Cost

The cost of Bioheat is slightly lower than that of petroleum fuel. However, it burns more efficiently, produces more energy per gallon, and ultimately lowers your home heating costs.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Because it is plant-based and renewable, Bioheat is a more sustainable resource than fuel oil. It is also generally safer for the environment because it is biodegradable and non-toxic.

3. Improved Air Quality

heating oilBecause it is non-toxic, it eliminates the dangerous pollutants emitted by burning petroleum. This improves your indoor air quality—as well as the outdoor air throughout your neighborhood—and makes it safer for your family to breathe.

4. Requires No Equipment Upgrade

Bioheat works with your current oil burning equipment and requires no modifications. You can start using it in your furnace, boiler, or diesel generator today.

5. Reduces U.S. Oil Dependence

Because it is locally produced from U.S. agricultural products, use of Bioheat lessens the amount of domestic petroleum consumption and in turn reduces the country's dependence on foreign oil. This improves security and moves the country toward greater energy independence.

As you can see, Bioheat offers both financial and environmental benefits over traditional heating oil. Apple Oil also offers same-day delivery if you call before noon, and new customers get a discount on their first delivery. To take advantage of these benefits, contact Apple Oil, an experienced oil delivery service and HVAC contractor in West Haven, CT.  They've been serving the region for more than 30 years and provide on-call service 365 days a year. Visit their website to view a list of their services and products or call (203) 934-3835 to speak with a friendly, helpful representative.

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