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3 Trendy Wedding Cake Options for Your Big Day July 31, 2018

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3 Trendy Wedding Cake Options for Your Big Day, Covington, Kentucky

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but selecting a cake for the special day is easily one of the more enjoyable parts of the process. When you’re faced with so many mouth-watering options, though, it may prove difficult to settle on just one. To help narrow it down, you may want to learn more about these fun wedding cake trends currently sweetening up ceremonies.

3 Trendy Wedding Cake Options to Consider

1. Watercolor

wedding cakeWatercolor patterns evoke an ethereal, calming mood. If you’re hoping to convey the same feeling on your wedding day, you might consider a cake adorned with this soft look. Similar to watercolor artwork, the design is etched onto the cake using edible dust in a rainbow of hues.

2. Metallic

If you’re all about the glamour, don’t minimize the impact a metallic cake will make on your guests. The flashy cake can be designed in the hue of your choice—maybe you’re a fiend for trendy rose gold, prefer a more dainty yellow gold, or have a taste for sparkling silver. All of these colors add a little flash to your wedding cake, and they can be used in moderation if you want to show off a hint of shine.

3. Painted

A painted wedding cake provides the couple with an opportunity to show off their personality in style. Whether you have a particular artist’s work in mind or want to take inspiration from a famous painting you both love, you can easily make your cake the statement piece of the wedding. Nothing is off limits here, and depending on your bakery’s skill level, you may opt for either something complex or understated.


Throughout northern Kentucky, visitors flock to Emerson’s Bakery for a taste of some of the area’s best cakes, donuts, and cookies. They’ve served the community since 1970, and they’re excited to help bring your vision of the perfect wedding cake to life. You can trust them to create a customized cake that you and your guests will love. Visit the bakery’s website for more information, or call them at (859) 371-9228.

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