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Why Every Child Should Have Horseback Riding Lessons July 17, 2018

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Why Every Child Should Have Horseback Riding Lessons, Broadbay, North Carolina

Just about every child wants a pony at some point in their life, but there’s no need to turn them down completely. Instead, sign them up for horseback riding lessons. Riding is a unique, exciting experience with tons of benefits for your child’s development, including the following.

5 Benefits Kids Enjoy From Horseback Riding Lessons

1. Keeps Kids Active

Most children don’t get enough exercise. But for those who love horseback riding, that’s no problem. Contrary to what many believe, it is a highly athletic activity requiring balance, strength, and endurance. Your child will get a full-body workout and improve their posture with each session.

2. Boosts Confidence

Every achievement and milestone will feel like a victory for your child. Learning how to ride such a big, powerful creature gives kids a healthy sense of pride, especially when they’re able to clear obstacles and complete difficult courses. With confidence in their accomplishments, they’ll be more open to new experiences in the future.

3. Builds Responsibility

horseback ridingHaving a pet is a great way to teach responsibility, but whether costs or allergies are a factor, many families aren’t able to keep one. Thankfully, training programs aren’t only about teaching you how to ride a horse. Children will learn how to groom, feed, prepare, and untack horses properly. Over time, they’ll learn a great deal about caring for another being.

4. Develops Focus

Riding requires concentration. Every motion communicates an action, so your brain and body must be fully engaged at all times. No matter what concerns, anxieties, or distractions might be bothering your child, horseback riding commands their focus. It’s also a powerful stress reliever.

5. Fosters New Friendships

Being in a group with common interests facilitates new relationships. Whether your child is a little shy or has a wide social circle, they’ll form close bonds with other horse enthusiasts in their riding group. They may even forge lifelong friendships!


Embrace your child’s love of horses at Legacy Saddlebreds. Based in Winston Salem, NC, this horseback riding facility and academy boasts 50 acres fully dedicated to riding, competing, and horse care. Children and adults of all skill levels are welcome, and their professional trainers will evaluate where you need to begin. Whether your child wants to compete or simply improve their skills, they have the programs and equipment to suit your needs. For more information about their youth riding lessons, visit their website or call (336) 529-6760.

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