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What Are the Differences Between Flatbed & Rollback Tow Trucks? July 17, 2018

Washington, Franklin
What Are the Differences Between Flatbed & Rollback Tow Trucks?, Washington, Missouri

There are many reasons one might need towing services, and there is a right tow truck for every job. There are two main types of vehicles you might consider: flatbed and rollback trucks. The following guide elaborates on the differences between these haulers and what towing needs each truck serves.

Flatbed vs. Rollback Tow Trucks 

Flatbed Trucks

tow truckA flatbed truck is so named because the rear loading area is flat. This allows it to tow vehicles and other large loads like lumber or construction materials. Some can hold multiple cars at once, depending on the size of the bed, which makes them ideal for auto dealerships bringing in new shipments. They can also tow cars with flat rear tires, rendering them incapable of rolling behind a rollback tow truck. A ramp is necessary to load vehicles onto the truck, making it an inconvenient option for totaled cars or those with engine failure. Thus, flatbed trucks are best for transport new or used cars in bulk. 

Rollback Trucks

A rollback truck has a hydraulic system that allows the bed to lower. This solution makes it easier to load heavily damaged vehicles, since a hoist or similar tool could potentially cause more damage. These trucks are usually smaller and easier to maneuver than traditional flatbed trucks, which allows them to reach cars in tighter spaces. 


Whether you require a flatbed or rollback tow truck, Patriot Towing in Washington, MO can help. They provide 24-hour assistance to stranded motorists and perform heavy-duty towing for truckers and construction companies. No matter when or why you find yourself in need of roadside assistance, you can count on these professionals for timely and reliable service. Call (636) 392-5070 or connect with the company on Facebook to learn more.

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