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Family Counseling Professionals’ 5 Tips for Blended Families July 16, 2018

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Family Counseling Professionals’ 5 Tips for Blended Families, Elyria, Ohio

Blended families are made up of adult couples and their children from both current and previous relationships. This may include families with step-parents and step-children, along with couples in long-term relationships who are not yet married but living together or dating. If you’re seeking advice for establishing healthy relationships within your blended family, the family counseling professionals from Psych & Psych Services in Elyria, OH, can help. Here, they share some of their best tips for creating a happy home environment where all members of blended families can thrive.

The Top Tips for Blended Families

1. Follow Each Stepchild’s Pace

Some children are slower to open up than others. While extroverted children may warm up to you early on, introverted children may be slower to come around. Work on slowly building relationships with each stepchild as an individual, following their preferred pace.

2. Engage in Activities That Unite

Blended families can benefit from partaking in activities everyone can enjoy. Find a common interest all children (and parents!) can appreciate. Even if it’s simply going out for ice cream, bonding can occur when all parties involved have a positive experience.  

3. Try to Make Changes Slowly

family counselingChanges brought on by their parents’ divorce can be monumental in children’s lives. To prevent kids from feeling too overwhelmed, try to space out major family changes if possible, such as moving in together or getting married.

4. Maintain Respect at All Levels

Any ill feelings towards exes (yours or your partner’s) should never be overheard by little ears. This will help to support the expectation that even when people have their differences, they must always respect one another.

5. Unite on Parenting Styles

Lastly, before moving in together or marrying, make sure you and your partner are unified in the approach to parenting. Even if new step-parents don’t immediately take on roles as enforcers, they should still support their partners’ general parenting style.

The caring team from Psych & Psych Services knows adjusting to blended families can be challenging for everyone involved. With their family counseling services, they provide tailored services to help residents of the Lorain, OH area cope with major life changes. If your family could benefit from counseling sessions, don’t hesitate to contact the therapists by calling (440) 323-5121. You can also learn more about their family counseling services online.

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