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Why Do Americans Love Pizza? July 16, 2018

Jackson, Ocean County
Why Do Americans Love Pizza?, Jackson, New Jersey

Even though pizza originated in Italy, it has come to be so beloved by Americans that it has been adopted as one of the country’s favorite delicacies. You may be wondering: how did it get so popular? Why is pizza still a staple in every town and city of this vast nation? Here is a guide to understanding the success of pizza in the United States. 

The Rule of Pizza

When Did Pizza Become Popular?

The origin of pizza dates back to 16th century Naples with the first slice of bread and sauce. In the 19th century, as an increasing wave of Italian immigrants entered the United States, many brought traditions of pizza-making with them. It wasn’t until after World War II that many Americans and entrepreneurs of Italian descent moved to the suburbs in large numbers, creating family-friendly pizza restaurants in their new communities. 

What Drove Its Success?

pizzaPizza quickly became an ultimate American delight. Not only is it cheap, but it is a delicious mixture of simple and customizable ingredients. Pizza is a practical and affordable meal that the whole family can enjoy. 

Why Is It Still So Prized Today?

Even with the passage of time, pizza is still as popular as ever in the United States. It’s an excellent meal for the modern on-the-go culture, and offers an impressive versatility for groups who have diverse eating habits. A group with vegetarians and meat lovers can find a few slices that suit their diets and satisfy their taste buds. 


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