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4 Tips for Grieving & Moving Forward After a Significant Loss July 6, 2018

Pearl City, Ewa
4 Tips for Grieving & Moving Forward After a Significant Loss, Ewa, Hawaii

After attending the memorial service to see off a loved one, you’ll still need to process your grief. At first, this may seem like an insurmountable task, but there are many ways to help you get through this difficult period with a hopeful mindset. Below, Leeward Funeral Home in Pearl City, HI, shares four pieces of advice they recommend through their grief support services.

How to Look Forward After a Significant Loss

1. Take Time

There is no normal amount of time to process the death of a friend or family member. Everyone grieves in their own way, which can take months for some and weeks for others. Don’t compare your adjustment period to others.

2. Connect with People

memorial service Pearl City HIIt’s not uncommon to want to hide away from the world for a while after a loss. But don’t let the memorial service be the only time you grieve with loved ones. Spend time with friends and family who knew the person who passed as well as people who didn’t. Whether or not you talk about the deceased, there is no wrong way to socialize after losing someone.

3. Lean on Your Faith

In times of grief, look to your faith. Whether you believe in a religion, have cultural beliefs about death, or stick solely to science, there are ways to cope with the help of these convictions. If you’re Christian, you may find solace in the idea of heaven, while Buddhists believe the dead will be reborn in another life. Talk with spiritual guides like pastors, prayer group leaders, or familial elders to learn how they move forward during periods of grief.

4. Take Every Day One Step at a Time

It’s often difficult to adjust to daily life after a memorial service commemorating a loved one’s passing. Over time it will get easier, but for now, take everything one step at a time. Brush your teeth. Eat breakfast. Get out the door to work. Consider all these daily activities as forward momentum. Eventually, you won’t have to put so much effort into maintaining your normal routine—it’ll come naturally as the grief eases.

To learn more about moving forward through grief, connect with the counselors and compassionate staff at Leeward Funeral Home. Since 1967, they have provided the island of Oahu with funeral arrangements, memorial services, and grief support. Call (808) 455-1041 to inquire about their grief and healing resources, and visit the website for information on their interactive aftercare and live grief counseling.