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Weighing Cost of Commercial Garage Door Replacement vs. Repair July 19, 2018

Milwaukee, Milwaukee
Weighing Cost of Commercial Garage Door Replacement vs. Repair, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Regular maintenance of commercial garage doors is just as important as any other aspect of property upkeep. From broken springs to burned motors, a defective door could leave vehicles and other belongings vulnerable to vandalism and theft. While some malfunctions require full replacement, many issues that cause these devices to fail can be resolved by a skilled repair technician. The following guide explains the situations where repair is best and when it’s more cost-effective to replace it.

When to Repair Garage Doors

Milwaukee-Wisconsin-garage-doorsIf you’ve noticed a broken spring or pulley, garage door repair is a simple and cost-effective resolution. Many small parts are relatively inexpensive to purchase. Generally, repairing damaged sensors or mechanical components is less labor-intensive than replacing the entire panel, which could also cut down on overall service costs. Door material factors heavily into the overall price, with repairs to wood and aluminum installations typically costing more than similar work on steel or fiberglass fixtures. Consider whether complex repairs to your particular garage door model will cost less than installing a new one. 

When Garage Door Replacement is Best

Although you can expect to pay more for garage door replacement, the investment will pay off in the long-run. One of the primary functions of the garage door is too keep out the elements. Air can seep into the garage through missing panels, cracked glass, and other damaged areas, which could lead to high utility bills. Disassembling and removing the old door, rewiring electrical components, and installing the new track and panel all factor into the overall cost. Upgrading the fixture, however, could reduce air loss and heat transfer to help reduce future energy costs.


If malfunctioning commercial garage doors are putting the security of your business at risk, reach out to the technicians at Consolidated Doors of Milwaukee for help. They will give the fixtures a thorough examination to determine the source of the problem and the appropriate course of action. They will also fill you in on how to detect any future cause for concern. To schedule a garage door installation or repair appointment in Milwaukee, WI, or the surrounding areas, call (414) 453-8448. You can also visit the company online to request a quote and Facebook to see project photos.