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5 Pre-Trip Auto Maintenance Tasks July 9, 2018

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5 Pre-Trip Auto Maintenance Tasks, Florissant, Missouri

If you’re planning a long drive, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. In addition to packing all the essentials, you should complete a few auto maintenance tasks to make sure your car is prepared for the voyage. Add these items to your to-do list to ensure your safety and comfort on your road trip.

Auto Maintenance Checklist

1. Test Your Air Conditioner

Summer is heating up, and the last thing you want is to be trapped in a baking car for a long-distance drive. Before your trip, spend some time in the car with the air conditioner running to see whether it will keep you cool in the heat of the day.

2. Check the Oil

Motor oil is all that keeps your engine parts moving and prevents them from seizing up. Low or dirty oil can easily leave you stranded on the roadside, so check your oil before your trip and, if necessary, schedule an oil change with an auto mechanic.

3. Monitor Tires

In the days leading up to your trip, check your tire pressure and top up any that are low. Check them again a few days later to see whether they’re maintaining pressure. You should also check whether your spare is in place and in good condition, just in case.

4. Windshield Wipers

Auto MaintenanceThis may seem like a minor detail, but visibility is key to safety on the road, and you may find yourself far from any gas station or car wash that could clean your windshield for you. Test your wipers to make sure they’re doing their job, and replace them or top up your wiper fluid as needed.

5. Test Your Lights

This, too, is a matter of safety, and your check should include headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and interior lights. If any of these fail to turn on, you can replace the bulbs yourself or have a mechanic check the wiring.


To get your car ready for your upcoming trip, schedule auto maintenance at Mullanphy Tire & Automotive in Florissant, MO. For decades, their experienced, certified mechanics have provided a full range of repair and maintenance services, from oil changes and tire rotations to major engine and transmission work. To schedule, call them at (314) 921-4961 or reach out online.

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