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How to Care for Your Wool Fabric Rug July 16, 2018

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How to Care for Your Wool Fabric Rug, Brownstown, Pennsylvania

Although wool rugs look lovely and feel soft to the touch, their natural fibers require specialized care. To ensure your wool rug remains as beautiful as the day you welcomed it into your home, the area rug cleaning experts from The Rug Beater Cleaning Enterprises in Talmage, PA, share their wisdom. Enjoy your rug for generations to come by following these key tips.

Wool Care Advice From Your Local Area Rug Cleaning Team

Tackle Stains Quickly

Unlike synthetic fabrics, it’s very challenging to remove a stain from wool. Once the blemish settles, extracting it becomes virtually impossible. Fortunately, however, wool naturally repels debris and spills, so you can prevent permanent damage by addressing accidents immediately.

area rug cleaningIf you spill a splash of coffee or juice on your wool rug, gently pat the afflicted area with a damp microfiber cloth right away. Avoid rubbing the liquid into the fibers, which will only ingrain it more deeply. Soak up the liquid before it dries to save your rug.

Take Protective Measures

Most floor-to-floor carpeting is pre-treated with stain repellent. Wool rugs, especially vintage ones, however, usually lack the same protective coating. Extend your rug’s longevity when you treat it with a high-quality acid-dye treatment. Your local carpet cleaning professionals can direct you to the right products and techniques.

For added protection, leave shoes at the door and keep muddy paws off your wool rug. Also, avoid placing your wool rug in high-traffic areas of your home like the entryway and living room. In the future, consider purchasing wool rugs in darker colors, which won’t reveal stains as easily.

Due to the delicate nature of wool, protection remains the best medicine against stains. Additionally, the area rug cleaning experts from The Rug Beater Cleaning Enterprises remove built-up debris and odors from rugs so that they look and smell new. To learn more about how the team can support your needs, visit the website.  For an area rug cleaning quote, call today at (717) 656-9826.

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