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3 Benefits of a Metal Building July 20, 2018

Slocomb, Geneva
3 Benefits of a Metal Building, Slocomb, Alabama

Whether it’s a new office space or a place to store your car, metal is an excellent choice of building material for your new structure. Metal buildings offer some unique and important benefits, which is why they have become so popular. To help you decide whether it’s the right choice for you, the building construction team at Trinity Metal Buildings in Slocomb, AL, has outlined a few of the most significant benefits to expect.

Reasons to Choose a Metal Building

1. Cost

Metal is both highly economical and durable, making it a smart and budget-friendly investment. With the right coating, you can expect a metal building to last longer than four decades. Metal also serves as an excellent insulator, especially with a heat-deflecting finish, which will save you money on heating and cooling over the years.

2. Sustainability

shedsMetal is known in the construction industry for being one of the greenest building materials available. It can contain up to 95% recycled materials, and when the time comes to tear the building down, it will be completely recyclable. The energy efficiency and minimal maintenance also contribute to the sustainability of the material, since these will reduce your carbon footprint while you use the building.

3. Low Maintenance

Metal can withstand the elements better than many other building materials. This makes it extremely easy to maintain over the years. A simple semi-annual maintenance check and annual washing of the building will keep it in good condition for decades. If desired, the metal can also be cleaned with a power washer between these annual cleanings to maintain its sleek look.

The certified contractors at Trinity Metal Buildings will handle your entire project, from designing the space to erecting the building itself. In their 18 years in the industry, they’ve worked on projects ranging from barns and sheds to office buildings. They will use their expertise to help you design a metal building that is both attractive and functional, all within your budget. Visit their website to learn more and call (334) 886-9078 to start planning your building.

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