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5 Benefits of Buying an Apple® iPad® July 16, 2018

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5 Benefits of Buying an Apple® iPad®, Akron, Ohio

An iPad® is an Apple® device you probably see everywhere, whether it’s at school, work, or a cafe. If you’re unsure whether it’s time to invest in one for your day-to-day life, Experimac Akron is here to help. Known throughout the Akron, OH, area for their broad selection of high-quality, used, refurbished Apple products and extensive computer repair services, they’ve compiled this list of benefits for you to consider.

5 Reasons to Invest in an iPad

1. Apps

Whether you’re looking to connect on social media, improve your artistic skills, or just stream a movie, there’s an iPad app to help. Of course, it’s not all about entertainment; there are many apps geared toward productivity and work efficiency as well.

2. Screen Space

apple devicesIf you already use an iPhone®, the app selection shouldn’t be a surprise to you. However, if there are apps you often use that would benefit from having larger screen space, such as those for reading, text editing, or video watching, the iPad can help.

3. Portability

Although they’re larger than a phone, iPads are still wonderfully portable. At a little under 10 inches in height, less than 7 inches in width, and weighing just about 1 pound, you can easily carry one around. If it’s still too large for your liking, Apple also offers an iPad mini, which is about 2 inches smaller!

4. Intuitive Design

For some people, all of the aforementioned benefits can seem overwhelming. However, while the iPad is certainly robust, it’s also incredibly easy to use. The iOS that’s on Apple devices is known for its simple and intuitive design, so you don’t have to be particularly tech-savvy to enjoy it.

5. Aesthetics

There’s no denying that Apple devices are beautiful. Compared to the iPad, other tablets on the market seem clunky and utilitarian. Furthermore, since it’s so popular, it’s easy to find a cover to express your style and elevate its design.

If you’re in the area and ready to purchase an iPad, head to Experimac Akron in Summit County. They offer the classic version, the mini, and the newer iPad Pro®. From MacBook® laptops to iMac® computers, they have any Apple device you can imagine. To preview their inventory, visit their website, and call (234) 334-5006 to speak with a friendly representative.

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