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3 Tips to Sample Wine Like a Sommelier July 18, 2018

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3 Tips to Sample Wine Like a Sommelier, Norwich, Connecticut

Whether sampling new selections at restaurants or attending functions at vineyards, there are several tricks professional sommeliers use to evaluate wine that could make your wine tasting experience even more enjoyable. According to the team at Universal Discount Package Store, a wine shop based in Norwich, CT, having a better understanding of the complexity of wine will leave you better prepared to find vintages to suit your tastes. Below the staff at New London County’s premier wine shop shares a few tips for sampling the libation.

3 Tips to Sample Wine Like an Expert

1. Smell Wine Before Taking a Sip

Norwich-Connecticut-wine-shopWine is an aromatic beverage, which means you can tell a lot about the different notes by taking a sniff. Swirling wine in the glass first will help release vapors to make it easier to detect the aromas. Holding the wine glass to the tip of the nose and inhaling, you should be able to get past the smell of the grapes and notice fruit, chocolate, vanilla, and other accents. 

2. Don’t Take Big Gulps

When sampling wine, resist the urge to gulp down your drink. Take half a sip and let the wine move around in your mouth. Swashing the wine around on your tongue before swallowing will give taste buds a chance to detect the salty, sweet, tart, acidic, and even spicy notes. Depending on whether you like the flavor profile, you can look for, or stay away from, similar elixirs at your local wine shop. 

3. Cleanse the Palate

If you are tasting several wines, remember to drink water after each sample. This will help eliminate wine residue that could impact the taste of other samples. When you sip wine, only swallow a little bit and spit out the rest. This will let you gauge whether the wine has a harsh finish.

Whether you need wine recommendations or are on the hunt for a favorite label, the knowledgeable staff at Universal Discount Package Store is happy to assist. Boasting one of the largest wine selections in Norwich, you are sure to find what you’re looking for at this local wine shop. The team will also provide recommendations on what food to pair with the offerings. For inventory questions, call (860) 889-6555. You can also browse the selection of wine and spirits on the company website, and like them on Facebook for new merchandise announcements. 

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