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3 Reasons to Purchase a Small Liberty Safe® July 19, 2018

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3 Reasons to Purchase a Small Liberty Safe®, Barnesville, Ohio

If you’re like many people, you keep a variety of essential documents, like birth records and passports, as well as valuables, such as jewelry, in the house. However, you shouldn’t just store them in a box in the basement or attic. Instead, you might want to purchase a small Liberty Safe® for these items. 

Why You Should Own a Small Liberty Safe

1. Protect Items Against Thieves

If the worst should happen and a would-be thief breaks into the house, a safe is one of the best places to keep documents and items that would be difficult or even impossible to replace. One that’s small can be easily hidden in a guest room closet or somewhere a burglar won’t think to look. Even if they do find it, in the time it will take them to try to crack it, you’ll have the chance to call the authorities.

2. Use for Other Items as Well

Liberty SafeSafes aren’t just fantastic at protecting documents and items of value, but they can also be used to hold firearms, medication that would be dangerous in the hands of children, or even surprise gifts you don’t want family members to find before their special day. A small safe is a highly versatile storage space that will securely keep a wide variety of items.

3. Avoid Damage During Natural Disasters

If your home floods or a fire breaks out, many valuable items in your home, especially paperwork, will be ruined if they’re in boxes. A safe, however, can withstand a wide variety of natural disasters. This gives you peace of mind that even if the worst should happen, you’ll still have your grandmother’s heirloom ring or your marriage certificate.


Are you ready to increase the level of security of your home? Flag Floors of Barnesville in Ohio offers top-quality Liberty Safes to their customers, in addition to a variety of flooring materials and the equipment necessary to install them. To learn more about their services, call them today at (740) 425-3344, or visit them online to see a gallery of their work.