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3 Secrets to Better Bowling July 12, 2018

Shelby, La Crosse County
3 Secrets to Better Bowling, Shelby, Wisconsin

Do you find that you’re striking out more than you’re nailing strikes with your bowling game? While this sport may seem simple at the onset, there’s actually quite a bit of skill that goes into being an all-star bowler. To help you improve your game and get that winning streak going, refer to the following tips.  

How to Improve Your Bowling Skills

1. Hook the Bowling Ball

In bowling, the first technique to learn is how to hook the ball. Start by positioning your hand under the ball and then twisting the wrist when you release it. This will send the ball straight down the lane at first and then it will curve toward the pins as it nears the end. This hooking technique is a critical skill to master that will lead to consistent strikes.

2. Start Picking Up Spares

Regardless of how experienced a bowler is, no one is going to strike every time, which is why it’s important to focus on picking up spares to get your numbers up. The goal is to aim and hit the head pin more frequently. Practice is the key here, as you’ll need to get comfortable throwing hooks across the lane at the side pins. Continue to develop your game and consider a heavier ball for certain pickup shots, as this will allow you to hit the pins more directly and consistently.

3. Develop Your Focus & Visualization Skills

bowlingSimilar to basketball where players can visualize the ball going through the net, the mental aspect of bowling is critical. Start by fixating completely on the target ahead of you, specifically on the pocket. It’s helpful to develop a routine by visualizing the shot and then setting up a proper bowling stance before releasing the ball. If there’s a sense of pressure, it’s best to displace yourself as much as possible from the bowling lane and instead envision the ball gliding in between two posts. This can help relieve some stress and tension from the game and allow you to operate purely on muscle memory.


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