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Summer Checklist To Prepare Your Oil Heat System For Winter   July 13, 2018

Summer Checklist To Prepare Your Oil Heat System For Winter   , Dutchess County, New York

With the heat of summer finally here, your oil heat system is likely the last task on your mind. It may surprise you to know, however, that there is critical maintenance to perform this time of year to ensure your tank operates as intended when temperatures begin to plummet. Below is a helpful summer checklist to prepare your heating system for the winter ahead.

3 Steps To Prepare Your Heating Oil Tank For Winter

1. Fill the Tank

heating oil systemHumidity levels rise in the summer, causing condensation to build up in an empty oil tank and corrode the metal. The best way to protect against humidity is to keep the tank full through the hottest months since oil repels moisture. You’ll also benefit from reduced preseason fuel rates.

2. Check for Leaks

Thoroughly inspect your heating oil tank, as well as its vents, valves, supply lines, and fittings, for signs of damage or corrosion. Examine the ground around your tank as well for any indication of leaks. Resolving these problems as soon as possible ensures your oil heat system functions as it should when you need it most.

3. Inspect the Legs

A strong foundation ensures your heating oil tank operates safely. During your inspection, look at its legs, as well as the concrete slab on which it sits. If you notice any signs of rust or cracks in the concrete, schedule service with your heating oil delivery provider as soon as possible.


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