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A Guide to Well Inspections July 13, 2018

Oconto Falls, Oconto
A Guide to Well Inspections, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

Many homeowners around the country rely on well water for drinking, cooking, or irrigation. Such water is well-known for its quality and convenience. However, it’s important to have a regular well inspection to ensure it doesn’t have any contamination issues or require repairs. Here’s a more detailed look at everything you should know about this type of maintenance.

What Is the Process Like?

Before the well inspection begins, you should ensure you have any important documents, including information about the well’s history and the surrounding land. The inspection will likely begin with a flow test. During this step, well-planning professionals will determine the output of the system. They’ll also check the water’s level when it’s pumped, as well as inspect the pump motor and pressure tank.

well inspectionNext, these experts will inspect any equipment to ensure it’s sanitary, while confirming that the water itself is clean and odor-free. They will also need to test for contaminants, which means they’ll check for bacteria and minerals, like nitrates, manganese, and sulfides. At the end of the inspection, you should be provided with a concisely written report that indicates all of the results.

Why Is It Important to Have Them Done?

A well inspection should be done on your property every year to ensure the health and well-being of your family. After all, if the water is contaminated with bacteria, this presents a potential health risk for your family. A well inspection can prevent problems with water quality, such as poor taste, odor, and cloudiness.


If your property needs a well inspection, reach out to the water irrigation experts at Luisier Drilling. Based in Oconto Falls, WI, these professionals have been serving the community since 1936 with well drilling and irrigation services. Offering a 10-year guarantee on all wells, they ensure every customer has access to water of only the highest quality. To learn more about this well drilling company, give them a call today at (920) 848-5239 or visit their website.
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