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How to Know When it Is Time to Replace Your Patio Steps July 18, 2018

Grant, Lancaster
How to Know When it Is Time to Replace Your Patio Steps, Grant, Nebraska

The steps of your patio are one of the first aspects people notice if they are in the front of your home, and a highly functioning asset to get to and from your yard. Over time, however, they will need to be replaced. But how do you know when this is necessary? The patio builders at Dreamscapes, based in Lincoln, NE, recommend watching for the following signs. 


Depending on what the steps are made of, the damage will manifest itself in different ways. If the stairs are wooden, look for rot which often shows up in the form of spongy boards that feel soft when you step on them. Also, check for severe cracks and splintering. If you have concrete or brick steps, watch for significant crumbling. 

patio buildersIn general, patio builders say the stairs are damaged beyond repair if they wobble when you try to walk on them or if you no longer feel safe using them. If this is the case, prevent yourself and others from getting hurt and block the stairs off and wrap brightly colored tape around the railing, so people know not to use them.


Even if the steps are in good condition, if they are outdated or don’t complement the exterior of the house, opt for a replacement. A patio is a highly desirable outdoor feature because it extends the amount of usable living space, so ensuring it looks cohesive and attractive is an important part of maintaining your property’s curb appeal and value. Replacing the stairs is a simple, cost-effective way to preserve the appearance of your yard.

Ready to install new stairs? For the best results, work with the patio builders at Dreamscapes. For nearly three decades, they have worked with commercial and residential customers in Lancaster County, and they specialize in hardscaping projects. To obtain a free estimate, call them today at (402) 421-7496. To learn more about the patio builders and how they can improve your home, visit them online.

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