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HVAC Contractors Share 5 New Heating & Cooling Trends August 27, 2018

Springfield, Erie
HVAC Contractors Share 5 New Heating & Cooling Trends, Springfield, Pennsylvania

Although summer is coming to an end, you might be looking for ways to keep the house cool without breaking the bank next time the weather heats up. HVAC contractors and manufacturers alike know that conserving energy a top concern for many homeowners, so they work hard to bring customers alternative cooling and heating options. Below, Adams Heating & Cooling of West Springfield, PA, shares some of the industry’s newest developments.

HVAC Contractors’ Top Climate-Control Trends

1. Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

Cooling a home with ice might sound old-fashioned, but it relies on an innovative new technique. These air conditioners use coolant to freeze water overnight, then use the resulting ice to regulate the temperature of the coolant the next day, relying on the frozen water instead of the system’s electric compressor for comfort. The system reduces power usage, saving you energy and money.

2. Solar Thermal Air Conditioning

Solar power is already popular, but the commonly used photovoltaic (PV) technology doesn’t generate enough electricity for air conditioning units. However, specially designed solar thermal air conditioners use the same principles of thermal power to cool homes with dedicated energy cells. The units are usually supplemented with affordable natural gas to ensure sufficient performance, reducing your reliance on electricity in the summer.

3. Smart Homes

HVAC contractorHome automation has been a growing trend for the past few years, and it’s now spreading to heating and cooling systems. By installing thermostats that power down when no one is home and respond to commands sent by a smartphone or computer, people have greater control over how much energy they use throughout the day. Eliminating energy waste reduces strain on their system and helps save money.

4. Motion-Activated Systems

Heating and cooling rooms that are empty wastes power and money, so HVAC contractors recommend limiting use to parts of the home that are occupied. New motion-activated technology makes this goal easier to achieve. The air conditioner will only work to cool the rooms where there are people, preventing the waste of cool air in other rooms. Since the system turns off when it no longer detects movement, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to shut it down when you leave a room.

5. Ductless Systems

Ductless systems are among the top choices for improving energy efficiency in the home. Eliminating complex ductwork cuts down on energy loss as the temperature-controlled air moves through your home. These units provide rooms with warm or cool air directly without having to wait for the system to reach your ideal temperature. Much like motion-activated systems, zoned heating and cooling also lets you control which rooms are being treated at any given time.

Since the late ‘90s, Adams Heating & Cooling has been providing customers throughout Erie County with home comfort solutions. These experienced HVAC contractors are always looking for ways to improve your heating and cooling system’s performance and reduce energy costs. Call (814) 922-7786 to request a quote or visit their website to find out how you can save 10% on a service visit.

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