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4 Steps for Preparing Your Bedroom Painting Project July 12, 2018

Nelson-Tate-Marble Hill, Pickens
4 Steps for Preparing Your Bedroom Painting Project, Nelson-Tate-Marble Hill, Georgia

With all of the bright and beautiful colors of the season, summer can be an inspiring time to repaint the interior of your home. For instance, adding a new splash of color to your bedroom can make the space feel completely new again. There are, however, considerations you should take before dipping your brush to ensure the job is done properly. Here are some helpful tips for prepping your bedroom before beginning your interior painting project.

How to Prep Your Bedroom for a New Coat of Paint

1. Remove Wall Items & Furniture

Anything hanging on the walls should be removed before you begin your interior painting project. You want to make sure an even coat of paint is applied to every inch of the wall for a uniform look. After clearing the walls, move any large furniture in danger of paint splashes out of the room. 

2. Protect Flooring & Bed

Lay down plastic over your flooring and bed to prevent any drips from making unsightly splotches. Make the cover flush with the wall to ensure nothing drips through a small crack. Taping it to the wall will keep it in place throughout the entire project.

If you can’t remove the entire bed, move the mattress out of the room and cover the frame with plastic. Make sure the plastic is long enough to touch the floor to keep paint from accidentally dripping onto the bed.

3. Apply Painter’s Tape

interior paintingOutline light switches, outlets, windows, trim, and anything else that you’ll be painting with protective painter’s tape. Masking off the ceiling is also recommended. For untextured ceilings, apply the tape in short, overlapping pieces where the wall meets the ceiling. To make the tape stick to a textured ceiling, run a screwdriver along the edge of the room to create a small strip of smooth surface. Then, firmly apply the tape there. 

4. Prime the Walls

It’s important to strip the walls before beginning your interior painting project. Sand away any bumps or ridges with very fine-grit sandpaper and brush away any dust or debris that’s leftover. With clean walls and everything protected by covers and tape, the painting can begin!


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