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4 Unique Ways to Display Your Wedding Flowers July 13, 2018

Midtown East, Manhattan
4 Unique Ways to Display Your Wedding Flowers, Manhattan, New York

Weddings are special occasions meant to be remembered and treasured for the rest of your life. The magnificence of the ceremony and decor reflect the beauty of the love between you and your betrothed. For this reason, your wedding flowers should stand out. This guide explains how you can upgrade your wedding flower arrangements.

Interesting Ways to Display Wedding Flowers

1. Hanging Flowers

Hanging flowers from the ceiling creates an elegant, mystical effect for your reception or ceremony. Whether you choose garlands, jars, or pomanders of flowers, they will produce a magical aesthetic. You can choose various colors or stick with a monotone theme. Just make sure they’re all secure — you wouldn’t want any to fall during the celebration.

2. Ceremony Backdrop

A wall of wedding flowers provides a gorgeous backdrop for declaring “I do.” Beautiful blooms surrounded by bright, fresh greenery present a seamless mix of natural and urban-chic. It serves as the perfect representation of the love that has blossomed between you and your future spouse. 

3. Lanterns

wedding flowersIf you’ve chosen a rustic or vintage theme for your wedding, these are the flower arrangements for you. Display small groupings of flowers and berries in empty lanterns, then have them placed in the middle of each table. This simple decoration adds a lot of personality to your reception.

4. Floral Staircase

Does your venue have a staircase? Take advantage of that feature and use it in your decor. Drape the railings, banisters, and outer edges of the stairs in pretty blooms and greenery, and scatter petals on each step. This stunning feature will catch everyone’s eye as they enter the reception hall.


Unique wedding flowers are one of the many ways you can make your big day live on forever. With Madison Avenue Florist, you’ll have everything you envision for your wedding and other occasions. Family-owned and -operated in the Midtown Manhattan, NY, area, this florist is dedicated to meeting your needs and bringing you the freshest, highest quality flowers around. Visit them online or call (212) 319-0242 to learn more about their wedding arrangements.

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