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3 Important Things to Know About Arborists July 16, 2018

Harbor Point, Stamford
3 Important Things to Know About Arborists, Stamford, Connecticut

Many trees are study plants that only require a little attention to keep growing for years, but sometimes they need a skilled professional to truly thrive. Arborists are certified experts with years of experience who know how to identify diseases, create the ideal soil conditions for your trees, and trim dead wood without damaging healthy wood. Muench Company, Inc., a dealer of high-quality arborist equipment in Stamford, CT, explains a few things every property owner should know about these highly educated tree experts.

What to Know About Arborists

1. They’re Well-Trained & Certified

arborist equipmentTo get certified by the International Society of Arborists, a tree expert must have at least three years of hands-on experience and pass a rigorous knowledge test. They also must have degrees in horticulture, arboriculture, or forestry from an accredited school or university. Certified arborists are also required to follow a professional code of ethics, so you can be confident their advice is in the best interests of you and your trees.

2. They Handle a Variety of Tasks

As well-rounded experts, arborists handle almost everything related to trees, from routine tasks like stump grinding and pruning to landscape planning and soil analysis. They can help remove a dead tree before it falls on your house or check for signs of disease.

3. They Have the Right Tools for the Job

Trimming trees and disposing of stumps can be extremely dangerous for you and the plant. Professionals have a full inventory of arborist equipment, ensuring they have the tools to get any job done safely.

For over 85 years, Muench Company, Inc. has provided affordable, reliable arborist equipment to professionals throughout Fairfield and New Haven Counties. Over the years, they’ve made a name for themselves with their complete line of handcrafted tools, dedicated service, and extremely high production standards. Visit their website to browse their selection of arborist equipment today, call (203) 323-9712 with any questions, or visit their storefront in Stamford to speak with a member of their team.

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