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How Matchmaking Can Help You Face a Fear of Rejection July 18, 2018

Pembroke, Detroit
How Matchmaking Can Help You Face a Fear of Rejection, Detroit, Michigan

In the current swipe-left world of dating, plenty of singles have valid fears about being rejected. Even the most confident, upbeat person is bound to be let down when a prospective partner is uninterested in their advances, and this could lead to one giving up on the dating game altogether. There is hope, however, especially for those who utilize matchmaking services. The following are a few ways professional matchmaking can help daters handle rejection maturely and healthily.

Provide You With a Dating Plan

Like in all other areas of life, a good plan can take you a long way. A good dating plan can also help you handle rejection a bit better, especially when you know that Mr. or Ms. Right could be just around a corner. Every dating plan will look different, so speak with your matchmaker about the goals you wish to achieve.

Find Like-Minded Individuals

matchmakingIf you’re looking for a relationship, it’s best to focus on individuals who want the same. This can be tricky when using free dating sites, where many people may be in search of something casual. Conversely, a matchmaker will have the tools to track down people with similar relationship goals and ideals as you. Because you are matched based on personalities and interests, your risk for rejection is lowered.

Offer Sage Advice

While it can be a real challenge, you shouldn’t take rejection personally. If a date is no longer interested in seeing you, it doesn’t signal that you are a bad person or unlovable. It simply means that you and that person were not compatible, which says little about you and more about their wants and desires. A good matchmaker will be there to remind you of this if a date doesn’t work out and will also be there to support and encourage you to keep going.


Even if you’ve been burned in the past, the matchmaking team at Luxe Matchmaking helps daters nationwide face their fears and find the love they deserve. Being a member means you’ll receive personalized service, which is crucial to finding someone you are truly compatible with. They also won’t waste your time by arranging dates with people who have different goals than you, so you can find a lasting relationship sooner. For more information about membership, call (844) 822-5862. You can also visit the website to learn how their dating coaches can prepare you for your next night out.

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