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3 Reasons Why Italian Food Requires Fresh Ingredients September 17, 2018

Westchester Village, Bronx
3 Reasons Why Italian Food Requires Fresh Ingredients, Bronx, New York

Whether it’s pizza or a traditional entrée like chicken marsala, Italian food made right relies on fresh ingredients. According to the staff at Emilio’s of Morris Park in Bronx, NY, every item in a recipe impacts the dish. Reputable chefs only use recently harvested vegetables, herbs, and spices to create the authentic flavors people have grown to love in these famous dishes. Here are a few reasons why.

Why the Best Italian Food Has Fresh Ingredients

1. Capture the Original Flavor

Many Italian recipes date back generations and were brought over from the homeland. Chefs carrying the tradition of Italian cuisine can’t capture the original flavors of dishes unless they use fresh ingredients. More than creating a delicious experience for diners—it’s also about honoring their heritage.

2. Make a Complete Profile

italian foodIn the same way that chefs want to capture the original flavor of a dish, they also want to complete the entire flavor profile. Italian cuisine contains many ingredients, and if only half of them are fresh, you can’t achieve the best quality. Fresh basil tastes drastically different than a preserved, ground alternative, for example, and dated cheeses will fail to pull flavors together.

3. Create Healthy Meals

Italian food contains various vegetables and meats. In an age where many are preserved for shelf-life, diners are often getting an unhealthy combination of artificial substances that deplete the naturally-occurring nutrients and minerals. Fresh ingredients promise not only a vibrant taste but also a healthier, nutrient-rich meal.

Emilio’s of Morris Park only uses the freshest ingredients for their Italian food, so turn to them for your next meal. Order in a pizza by calling today at (718) 822-6758. For an authentic Italian dining experience and a variety of palate-pleasing dishes to choose from, visit the restaurant or browse the menu on their website. Also, make sure to download Emilio’s app for easy ordering.

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