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How Stay in Shape Between Sport Seasons July 31, 2018

Madison, Lake
How Stay in Shape Between Sport Seasons, Madison, Ohio

As a high school athlete, you dedicate a large amount of time to your sport. However, the season only lasts part of the year. To ensure next year is even more successful than the last, it is imperative to stay in shape between seasons. Through the use of general exercise and specialized sports equipment, you can do just that.

Your Off-Season Training Guide

1. Cardio Workouts

Nearly every sport requires cardiovascular activity. Soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and dance rely on stamina to perform, which is why you need cardio training. At least three times per week, go for a run, bike ride, or swim. Some athletes prefer interval training to get their heart rate up. Your duration or distance will depend on your fitness levels and goals, so ask your coach for recommendations or a training schedule. Ultimately, you want to increase your endurance and improve heart health. To avoid burnout, mix and match cardio workouts throughout the off-season.

2. Strength Training

sports equipmentMale and female athletes alike should spend time in the weight room. Even cardio-based sports like cross country, track, and dance require a strong core and increased muscle to improve ability. Try to hit the gym twice a week to lift free weights, perform ab workouts, and strengthen your muscles. Grab a friend to spot you, and encourage them to correct your technique for decreased chance of injury.

3. Skill Development

In addition to general fitness, you should dedicate a bit of time to honing your skills. Ask your coach what kind of sports equipment can improve your reflexes, jump shots, batting average, or other skills. They will likely recommend drills that will improve your performance as you practice.


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