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5 Common Types of Employment Discrimination July 10, 2018

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5 Common Types of Employment Discrimination , Ava, Missouri

The workplace should promote equality and safety for everyone. Unfortunately, despite laws prohibiting employment discrimination, it’s still a fairly widespread problem among the workforce. A number of environments continue to accommodate discriminatory practices, and many cases go unreported because employees are unaware of their rights, unsure how to file a complaint, and hesitant to consult an attorney. Many types of employment discrimination exist, but below are some of the most common ones employees should be aware of.

5 Forms of Discrimination in the Workplace 

1. Racial 

It is against the law for employers to make any decisions regarding employment based on personal characteristics associated with a specific race. An employee or applicant cannot be denied things like a promotion, equal treatment, or fair pay because of their skin color, facial features, or hair texture. 

2. Disability 

Disability discrimination can consist of insulting comments made about a disability, failure to make reasonable accommodations in the workplace for those who are disabled, or refusal to give certain tasks to an employee with a disability. Any violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act or Rehabilitation Act are subject to legal action filed by an attorney. 

3. Gender 

attorneyGender inequality takes place when an employer treats an employee or applicant differently because they are male or female. This can cover a number of issues regarding equal pay, pregnancy, promotions, and sexual harassment.  

4. Age 

Ageism may take form when an older employee is urged to retire, a younger employee is promoted over an older one, or an employer refuses to hire someone based on age rather than qualifications. In most cases, laws are designed to protect those over the age of 40. 

5. Retaliation 

Retaliation discrimination occurs when an employee is made afraid of being punished after filing a complaint against their employer or asserting their rights. Consequences can include being demoted, fired, or given a disciplinary warning. An attorney can help victims claim damages for lost wages and future earnings.



The more educated employees are on discriminatory practices, the better equipped they will be to pursue justice. If you believe you’ve been the victim of employment discrimination, seek counsel from an experienced attorney right away. The Law Office of Christopher J. Swatosh offers Ava, MO, residents 20 years of legal services and an established track record of success. Attorney Swatosh is qualified to handle all types of discrimination cases and can be trusted to aggressively fight for the rights of his clients. Call (417) 683-2987 or visit the firm online for more information. 

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