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How Often Should You Clean Your Diamonds? July 16, 2018

Nyack, Rockland County
How Often Should You Clean Your Diamonds? , Nyack, New York

To keep diamonds as brilliant and sparkling as the day you first put them on, you must occasionally clean them. However, there is a proper technique for polishing diamond jewelry at home. Also, on occasion, you will need to take it to the jeweler for a deeper clean. To ensure your beloved pieces continue to shine, follow this convenient guide.

Diamond Cleaning 101

How Often Should I Clean my Jewelry?

Diamonds rings, such as engagement rings, typically require the most regular cleaning. That’s because the diamonds you wear on your hands are more likely to collect dirt or come in contact with agents that dull their shine, like lotions and harsh soaps. Experts recommend cleaning these items at least every few weeks.

diamondHow often you need to clean yours ultimately depends on lifestyle and use. After a three-day camping trip wearing your engagement ring, for instance, it’s time to break out the jewelry soap. Meanwhile, the diamond necklace you wear for special occasions may only require a touch-up a few times a year.

How Do I Do It?

If you notice diamonds looking a little dingy, fill a bowl with warm water and a drop of mild dish soap. Drop your diamonds in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes. As they soak, grease, dirt, and other debris will loosen behind the gemstone.

After the soak, remove each piece and rinse thoroughly under warm water. Be sure to stop the drain first to avoid accidents.  Next, use a soft microfiber cloth or polishing cloth to gently dry each piece.

When Do I Bring It to a Professional?

At least once a year, bring diamonds you wear often to a professional jeweler. A technician will use ultrasonic technology to remove deeply embedded dirt you can’t reach on your own. They will also likely ensure settings are snug. Afterward, the diamonds will sparkle like new.


If you want your diamonds to shine, head to Rockland County, New York’s premier jeweler. Somos Designer Jewelry Gallery offers high-quality jewelry repair, polishing, and cleaning services to keep your heirlooms in impeccable condition. The jeweler also offers a stunning selection of designer jewelry and precious gemstones to add to your collection. To learn more about the local business, visit the website. You may also call today at (845) 348-0800.

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