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The Difference Between Expensive & Cheap Golf Balls July 16, 2018

Midtown East, Manhattan
The Difference Between Expensive & Cheap Golf Balls, Manhattan, New York

Selecting a ball at the golf store might seem challenging due to the various options and pricing. The staff at New York Golf Center are the local experts on equipment for golfers of all levels in New York, NY. To help you make the best choice, they outline the factors that impact price and how to decide which ball type is right for you.

 A Golf Store Guide to Comparing Balls

Why Construction Impacts Price

The factor that impacts price the most is the ball’s construction. This is because the building material used changes the way the ball reacts when it’s hit with golf clubs. The least expensive balls — one-piece golf balls you’ll often find at driving ranges — don’t travel far. They have low compression because they are a block of one material.

golf storeMore expensive and finely made balls will be made with more materials. For example, a two-piece golf ball has a core made of acrylate or resin with a plastic outer shell. A three-piece golf ball has a rubber or liquid core with an enhanced rubber around it, and the outside is made of a plastic shell. The more layers a ball has, the more compression it has and the farther it will go when hit. The nicer construction also offers more spin, which gives the golfer better control over the ball’s flight path.

How to Choose Your Ball

There’s no right or wrong ball to buy at the golf store; there are different options because each player is unique. You’ll need to consider what your goals are and how much you’d like to spend. Beginners tend to purchase two-piece golf balls while they’re learning since they are more likely to lose balls on the course. Invest in nicer constructed balls as you get better or want more control over your ball’s path.

No matter what type of golf ball you prefer, New York Golf Center is your one-stop-shop for everything you need. They’ll give you all the tools necessary to make you the best possible athlete, from golf shoes to custom golf club fittings. Contact their Grand Central golf store at (212) 564-0078, Herald Square store at (212) 564-2255, or Chelsea Piers store at (212) 242-8899 with any questions. You can also visit them online to see their inventory and daily deals.

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